Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Since You've Been Gone...

...I've kept quite busy:)

Karson, I know that we haven't talked all that much with the time change, busy work schedule, etc. since you've arrived in Santa Barbara, but rest assured that I've been very busy.

Here are just a few highlights that I wanted to share with you of my jam-packed, rip-roaring, exciting schedule.

1. I have organized our movies by genre. You now can find the romantic comedies almost instantaneously, without having to flip through all of the pages.

2. I discovered some old folder games that your mother used for her classroom when she used to teach. They were in the attic...and I might have spent an hour or more in our attic playing them. It was actually quite warm up there...

3. I ran your truck into the fence...again...sorry...there is just not enough room for me to back up.

4. I had pink eye. Yippee!!!

5. I have discovered how much I like sleeping sideways in our bed. It is a great position for T.V. watching and my head is a little farther from the alarm when it beeps in the a.m.

6. I scrubbed the house from floor to ceiling on my Snow Day.

7. I became a brunette.

Now, before you get too worried, I'll tell you that one of these things is not exactly the truth, but I guess you will have to wait until you see me again to find out. Just trying to keep it exciting:)

Goodbye for now!


  1. My vote is that you didn't run the truck into anything and your are a brunette

  2. Ooh, I'm excited to see if the brunette thing is true! Sorry about your pink eye. You seem to be particularly "lucky" with that ailment. Glad you're getting to see your honey soon - have fun!

  3. Oh, you are particularly "lucky" with ALL ailments! LOL!!! HAHAHA :) My vote is that you are brunette, which if that's the case I can't wait to see it!! Hurry up and tell us! :)

  4. I'm thinking the same thing as the others. You seem to get pink eye a lot. I guess that happens when you are around kindergarten kids all day. If you being a brunette is true, I can't wait to see it! I love a new hairdo.

  5. You are adorable! I love it! I am guessing that the last one is false...but you might surprise me on Monday?? How was your trip! Can't wait to hear about it!

  6. Oh I love your posts! Wow, a brunette? Could it be? When is the revealing of the truth? I know you HAD to have contracted pink eye again, you get that monthly! That must be a "truth!" I love Karson's comments!