Monday, October 10, 2016

Four years old!!!

I can't believe my babies are FOUR!!! Kaden and Katherine, you are just truly amazing. 
 Whether you are building a "new and different" tree house,

 Riding a tractor at a birthday party...
 Or starting ballet...You just have so much joy in all you do.
And there are few things that bring you more joy than your precious school, St. Philips. We are so blessed to have the same teachers as last year. You adore Mrs. CarolAnn and Mrs. Stacy!

 We celebrated the end of Summer with a fun night at the Roughriders with our church family. Kaden got to throw the first pitch- so cool!

 Papa and Grandma were able to fly in from Cali for the birthday celebrations. They took them to Young Chef's Academy for cooking lessons. What a fun treat!!! And Gramps and Grammy came to town and we went to Jake's Incredible Pizza. So fun!

 They were able to donate a book to their school library for their birthday and they were prayed over. What an incredible blessing. 
 And then all the fun present opening...:)

 We celebrated with a few friends at PlayStreet Museum. It was so fun!

 Aunt Molly even came from Cali!!! How wonderful is that?;)

 And then baking cookies with Grandma was a huge hit...

And a girls' lunch is always fun.;)
 Kaden loved building his boat with Papa...

 Katherine got to build a flower with Papa, too! Kaden rode bikes with Grandma and had a blast...we just don't have a picture!

 Later in the month, Mama got to sneak out with some friends to go to a Carrie Underwood concert. So fun!
 And then they had their FOUR year old dentist appointment. Such big kids!

Sweet Kaden,
Every year we think we could not possibly love you more, and then it happens. You just constantly amaze us with your thoughtfulness and kindness. You are a natural leader, and you always want people to feel included. We are blown away with how your little mind thinks. You are constantly doing math in your head, trying to add up numbers, divide things's pretty impressive. You love rules. If there aren't any in pace, you will ask for them. If there aren't any, you will make some. You are very protective of your sister. She will always be loved and safe when you are around. You are so proud to be Daddy's boy and you love doing "boy" things, but you also love your mama dearly.   We could not have dreamt up a more precious son.  When it was time to get your four- year old shots, you told Katherine you would go first and be brave so that she wasn't scared. You are strong and courageous, and we are so proud of you.
Mama and Daddy

Sweet Katherine,
Our hearts just overflow when we think of all that you have accomplished. You are a fighter- you are so strong, but yet you have kept your quiet and gentle spirit. We sometimes joke that you could probably take care of the whole family if you needed to, because you are just so obedient, calm, and considerate. You are very mature for your age and you have deep thoughts. Every night when we put you to bed, you say, "Let's talk about something." Sometimes you say you want to talk about food and we list all of our favorite foods. Other times, you want to talk about all the places God is. He is clearly in your heart, sweet girl. His love and grace are evident in everything you do. You love to sing. Every time we get in the car, you want to sing "This is the Day" or "O Lord" or "Eye of the Storm." Life will not always be easy, and I hope you always remember to sing. And to pray. We just love you so very much and thank God every day for the precious gift of your life.
Mama and Daddy