Sunday, June 1, 2014


May was such a fun month for us.:)  It started off with a rare outing of just mamas.;)  We all got sitters (or mamas) to watch our babies and we went to the baseball game just with the girls!;) 
But they had plenty of other fun outings with us.:)

And a doctor's appointment or two.:)

I love this picture of these two!  I was unloading the car after dinner and it was raining.  I asked them if they wanted to play in the water.  I took my bags in and when I went out to get them, they were sitting on their pool floaties. I hadn't laughed that hard in a while.:)  These two LOVE to go swimming!  Kaden loves the water once he gets used to it and Katherine is completely fearless.  She would prefer to swim alone without floaties.:) 
We ended the month with a date night.  It was the perfect month!