Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Family's Journey

 I honestly don't even know where to start.  In fact, it's taken me an hour to just write these first few sentences. We're just so thankful. The past few months have been truly the most amazing months of our lives.  Yes, they've been challenging. We could list all of the complications, scares, and discomforts of this pregnancy that we've experienced so far, but none of them even remotely compare to the feelings of complete joy and thankfulness that we feel.  I still can't believe it.  After five years of asking God for children, words don't even describe how excited we are to welcome these blessings into our family.

While there is no way to document every step of our journey, we'd love to share just a few pictures. 

In the beginning, there were a LOT of shots!!!  And this was just the first shipment.;)  
 After daily doctor appointments, shots, and all sorts of other fun, we finally got to see our babies for the first time.  I love this picture...our first family of four picture.;)
This picture just makes me laugh.  I went into severe hyperstimulation and gained over 15 pounds in less than 12 hours. It wasn't my favorite thing I've ever done, but some bed rest and extra IV fluids seemed to do the trick and I was good to go in no time.  We joke that this is my 2 week pregnancy belly. 
 While I was on bed rest, we were blessed with a lot of sweet visitors.  I don't have pictures of all of them, but I thought I'd share a few.  Karson snapped this picture when he came home from work to find Haylee and I eating dinner in bed.:)
 And then sweet Ranger and his daddy brought over deviled eggs to celebrate my eggs.  You can't go wrong with a cute kid, creative idea, and yummy food.:)
 And then a little over a week later, on March 6,  I went to the doctor for blood work.  I wasn't supposed to go until the 7th, but it worked out that I could go in a day early.  We surprised Daddy with a little message when he got home from work.   It didn't go quite as planned because Karson knew our test was on the 7th and he thought I was just being silly. Once I FINALLY convinced Karson that it was for real, he was, of course, ecstatic. 
On the 23rd, we had our first sono and saw that we were expecting TWO precious little ones.:)

 And we all three have been growing ever since...:)
 6 weeks
 8 weeks
The 10 week sono was obviously a little overwhelming to Baby A...:)
 10 weeks

 12 weeks
Twin B

Twin A
Baby B was tired of all the attention!!!
 14 weeks

Thank you so much for reading this very long post!  We love all of you! 
xoxo, Sharon