Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tag...You're it:)

Q. five names you go by:
Mrs. Williams
We-wum (this is the best one of my kids can do:)

Q. three things you are wearing right now:
My Grandmother's wedding ring
Citizen' favorite jeans
BCBG sweater from Nordstrom (some of you know the story behind this sweet little purchase:))

Q. two things you want very badly at the moment:
My husband to come home
My parents to move to Texas

Q. two things you did last night:
Cooked lamb for Karson's last dinner at home
Helped Karson pack

Q. two things you ate today:
Spring Creek (thank you Smiths and Varners)

Q. two people you last talked to on the phone:

Q. two things you are going to do tomorrow:
go to Spin Class with Rae
shop with Courtney

Q. two longest car rides:
from Cali to ACU and back every summer for four years

Q. two of your favorite beverages:
Coke Zero

Q. the people you’d like to tag for their very own:


  1. What a healthy girl you are! Spinning with Rae, & Propel is one of your favorite beverages? Really, you should try not to make me feel so bad that I'm lazy & like my calories. :)

  2. I am so sad for you that Karson is traveling so much! I want you to come over for dinner one night (or two or three!) I cook almost every night and there is no reason you should be eating alone! I loved reading your tags....

  3. Thanks for the tag lady! :) I love these! I am just so behind on my bloggin so if I don't get to it for a few days don't think I forgot! Love ya!

  4. Hey girlie! I left you an award on my blog! Go see! :)

  5. when did you get citizen jeans?

    Longest car ride might be Bakersfield to Dallas...

    luv ya

  6. I want to hear the BCBG sweater story some time:) Hope you guys are doing great and that Karson is back home safely- we miss you guys!

  7. i like how karson asked you about getting citizen jeans, teehee! i was actually thinking the same thing, when did you get those? i thought you had seven's : ). and that last answer, was that me, jenny or another jenny? i coudln't figure out what it meant : ).

  8. Oh honey, you are right about the car trip. How could I forget the roadtrip home from our honeymoon (when we stayed at the Motel 6):) And don't you remember being with me and buying the jeans for me? Maybe you just thought they were Levis:) I have some of those too:) Love you.