Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Top 25

As most of you know, Karson and I had a little second honeymoon in Europe this summer. We had sooooooo much fun! We felt very blessed to be able to do this! I didn't really know where to I decided to do a TOP 10 list. My Top 10 soon became Top 20 and it just went on from there.:)

Here they are in no particular order...drum roll please:)

1. We loved the music! Whether it was listening to a concert in Salzburg, enjoying Irish pub music, or enjoying an open air concert in a park, we had so much fun!

2. Driving. It is just different driving over there...:) 3. The Luge ride. I didn't get a picture of us on the actual luge ride, but this is the lift up there. It was so fun!
4. Castles. Whether it was ruins or not, it was so fun to see these historical places. Ehrenberg Ruins in Austria

Mad King Ludwig's Castle in Bavaria, Germany

5. Hiking. We did SO much hiking! It was so fun!
Bacharach, Germany

St. Goar, Germany

Rheinfels Castle, Germany

6. Fun times with Friends. We just happened to run into some of our friends, Matt and Eleanor. We ran into them in Rothenburg, Germany and it just so happened to be my birthday. We enjoyed a fun little birthday dinner...
...and we ended up having the exact same itinerary for the next few days, including the same flight to London. Crazy, right?

7. Watching Karson take pictures. Karson gets so excited when he has a camera in his hand and I think it so endearing that he will stop to take a picture of some little creature or flower when there is a gigantic castle behind him.:)

8. Being a hobbit in Halstatt, Austria...:) One of our favorite things... Beautiful, right?

9. Karson pretending to be John Wayne at the Quiet Man Bridge in Ireland.
See the resemblance? :)

10. The Irish Coast.
Cliffs of Moher

It was a little windy.:)

11. European swimwear...just kidding.;)
12. Irish countryside. It was so beautiful!
Rock of Cashel

Ashford Castle

Kylemore Abbey

hiking up Conor's pass

13. The rain in Ireland.

14. Taking part in magic shows...

15. Seeing really old stuff...
Bath, England

The Baths


16. The food. We loved it all...
a full English breakfast in London

The Naschmarkt in Vienna
enjoying the BEST ever lamb sandwich...

17. Schonbrunn Palace in Austria.
18.Visiting the Lipizzaner horses in Vienna, Austria. This was a particularly special day for us because our very first date eight years ago was to see the Lipizzaners in Abilene, Texas.

19. The Vienna State Opera. What an experience!
20. Wandering the streets.

The Shambles in York, England

Main Market Square in Krakow, Poland
21. Visiting Auschwitz. This was an unbelievably humbling and moving experience. We were so thankful to be able to visit and remember those who lost their lives as well as those who lived through their time here.
The gas chambers

22. Watching a play at Shakespeare's Globe in London.

23. The Beefeater Tour at the Tower of London. It was so entertaining and informative!

Tower of London
24. Quaint Medieval Cities
Rothenburg, Germany
25. Watching Les Miserables in London. This might have been my favorite night of our trip! We went to see Les Mis on our anniversary and the whole night was just so romantic and perfect! It was such a special evening!

We felt so incredibly blessed to be able to take this trip and we were so thankful for this time together. Our love for each other grew and we were able to make so many wonderful memories! Thanks for letting us share our trip with you!