Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is it too late for a Thanksgiving post?:)

We spent Thanksgiving in Kansas at Karson's grandparents' ranch. We had so much fun. As always, Karson took several thousand photographs, so it took me a while to go through them.:) Here is everybody who was there. :)

Karson and his dad had lots of fun taking photos.:)
This is Karson's cousin Kally and her husband Ryan.:)
Karson's brother Korbin and his wife Amy...

The whole Williams' crew...
Kerry and Marilyn, Karson's mom and dad
And, of course, Karson had fun finding things to photograph around the ranch.:)

Happy Holidays to you all! xoxo

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Fun

I feel like I need to start this post with a bit of a disclaimer. :) I did a horrible job of taking pictures this summer! We really had such a wonderful summer and I think we were enjoying it so much that I didn't want to stop and take pictures.:) If this were a summary that one of my students wrote, they would not get a very good grade.:) Our summer started with a quick trip to Cali. My dad became an elder at our church in June, so I flew home to surprise him and be there to support him and my mom.
Karson and I then met up in Taos at his parents' cabin for a week of relaxation. We had such a fun trip. Kerry and Marilyn are the best hosts and we did a whole lot of nothing, which was perfect! I don't have any pictures (probably due to the fact that we/I sported the pajama and no makeup look for most of the trip), but Karson thinks he has some somewhere, so maybe that will be a later post!:)
We then went to Cali together to spend time with my family. It was such a wonderful trip.

My parents took us out to a fun little Cuban restaurant for my birthday. Fun times! I love this picture of my mom!
Karson and my mom love to cook together. They made homemade pizza one night. It was delicious!
We also went to Laguna Beach for the Pageant of the Masters. It was so much fun. I highly recommend going to see this sometime if you are ever in Cali in the summer. The only picture I have is of the trolley ride to get the the theatre. :)
Later in July, Karson took me to the coast for a little romantic getaway. We had so much fun spending a little time together, just the two of us.:)
On the way home from the coast, we met up with Elena, one of my high school besties, and her sweet daughter Isabel. We hadn't seen each other in several years since we live so far away, so it was such a special treat. We also got to see another very sweet friend of mine, Kimberly, who also lives on the Cali coast, but I forgot to take a picture! Kimberly, it was so good to see you too!:)
When we got home, Haylee and Eleanor had planned a little German themed birthday celebration for me. Karson and I were in Germany last summer with Matt and Eleanor on my birthday, so she decided to bring Germany to us this summer. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? And Haylee made the cake...she is so talented! Love these girls so much!
Lane, who has been like a sister to me since First Grade, came into town to visit. We had so much fun! I love this girl!
I know I left so much out, but we really felt so blessed to have such a great summer with family and friends! Here's to a new school year!:)

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I haven't been very good about blogging lately (as you may have noticed:)) is a hodge-podge of pictures of what he have been doing lately...

Karson's dad, Kerry, came into town and they went to a photography class for the weekend. They had a great weekend and we really enjoyed Kerry's visit! Marilyn, we missed you!
We enjoyed a very fun evening with the Wilks at the Kenny Chesney/Zac Brown concert.
We picked our first asparagus from our garden (told you this was a hodge-podge:)). We planted it two years ago, so having our 2 first stalks was a big event in the Williams' household.:)
My parents came into town from Cali to celebrate Easter with us and it was wonderful as always. The Goodes and Blair joined us for Easter dinner.
Blair entertained us on the piano with his talent as always.
Probably one of the most fun things that we did was eat all of our meals on the patio that my dad and Karson built last Spring. I'm so proud of my two favorite men for working so hard to build us such a beautiful back porch!
A year ago our backyard looked like this...
A little paint...
Lots of working during the crazy snow storm that we had last March ( do you remember that?)
And now we finally get to enjoy it!:)
Hunter and his parents came over and I think Hunter and my Dad had some good bonding time on the patio.:)
Karson also did newborn shots for the first time. Hunter is SUCH an adorable baby...thank you Matt and Eleanor for letting Karson practice his photography skills on sweet Hunter!:) Here are some of my favorites...
See...I told you this post was really random.:)

Thanks for reading!:)

Friday, February 4, 2011

He said yes!

Sometime last year, Karson lost his wedding ring. I really thought that it would turn up eventually..."we" lose things a lot in this house and then find them later.:) After about a year, I decided to cut our losses and go ahead and buy a new one. Not being one to pass up the opportunity for a fun surprise, I decided to plan a "proposal" of my own. These are the pictures that I got when I asked him to show off his new bling.:)
It ended up being such a fun night! We went to dinner and then I got down on one knee in front of the Frisco library.:) Not only was it a beautiful night, but I thought it would be kind of fun to do it at the library since that is one of Karson's favorite places in the world! Yes, he LOVES the library...
The best part of the evening? Definitely the fact that he said YES! The other best part? That I wouldn't change a single moment of these past 9 years...I am truly blessed. No matter what our lives have in store, I know that God is the author of this great love story and I am one blessed girl.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Holiday Fun

We had a great holiday with my parents. I didn't do a good job taking pictures...I guess we were too busy having fun.:) I went home for a few days by myself to visit my parents at the beginning of the break and I don't have a single picture to show for it!:) We had fun...I promise!
Then, my parents came to Frisco for Christmas. We had such a blast! Here is Karson enjoying his Christmas present... My mom enjoying her goodies...
Fixing the car...a.k.a. male bonding...:)
Our friends, Jeff and Carrie Williams, also came into town from Boston and we enjoyed a little dinner and Starbucks with them.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year!