Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Goodness. I know I'm over posting pictures, but how can I just choose a few?  I sure do love these two!!! And I love it when their daddy decides to play with his fancy camera.:)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We started the month of March with a trip to Seminole to visit Karson's family.  Katherine and Kaden did a great job traveling.  We are very blessed with good travelers!  They enjoyed a few brain games at Cracker Barrel on the way there. :)

We attempted family photos- this was the best we could do.:)

Our happy baby girl on the way home!:)
Here are just a few sweet photos around the house.:)

And of my shopping buddies...:)
April 6 was a big day in our house!  Kaden got his first big boy haircut. It was so fun to see him so excited!

We did a little grocery shopping after.:)

We also were able to attend a few Roughrider baseball games this Spring, thanks to some sweet friends.  They loved it!
Our little twin playgroup came last year and did the same thing...what a difference a year makes!  I absolutely love these mamas and their kiddos.:)

And then we had our 18 month appointments...WHAT?!?!

One of my children liked it more than the other.:)
Weight: 21 lbs. 1 oz.  (36%) 
Height: 31 inches (40%)
Head: 19.3 inches (98%)

Weight:25 lbs. 5 oz. (74% )
Height: 33 inches (85% )
Head: 19.5 inches (96%)

My parents came to visit for Easter, and we had so much fun! Katherine and Kaden were so exhausted by the time that Easter came around, that this was the best that we could do for pictures.:)

We went to the zoo the next week- SO fun!!!

 And I just love this picture of sweet Katherine.  She had to have a sonogram of a mass on her leg and  she was just such a big girl about it all.  Love her!

And lastly, here are a few pictures from the NICU reunion. The NICU reunion is always special for us, but this year was really fun because they were old enough to actually participate in some of the activities.

Sweet Kaden,
You are an absolute joy. You are such a sweet boy!  You LOVE to give kisses to everyone and your smile just lights up a room. You have really started talking more and your favorite thing to say is GO CAR GO every time we get ready to go somewhere.  It's precious. You love to play peekaboo, wave, blow kisses, and most of all SHOES!  You are obsessed with them.:) You recently cut your first molars, which were really tough, and it broke our hearts.  You are such a good eater,  and you are finally starting to wean. You are definitely a mama's boy, but you sure do love to play with daddy!  We just love you so much little man and we pray that you always love others this much and that you constantly bring joy to others.

Mama and Daddy

Sweet Katherine,
We are SOOOOOO proud of you!!!  On March 1st, you took your first steps!!!  You have worked SO hard to learn to walk and it just makes us so proud to see you do this.  You only walk when we are "dancing", which is pretty adorable. You are so independent and you love others so much!  Your favorite things to do are to play peekaboo (especially behind the living room curtains with your brother) and blow kisses at everyone.  You love making monkey sounds and you love to point to your eyes, nose, belly button, etc. It's pretty cute. You clap for everything an get SO excited when others clap with you. You say go, mama, daddy, papa, outside, and go car go.  You love to sign milk, all done, more, and please.  You are so fearless!  You would jump off anything if we let you.  We pray that you always are brave and that you always have the courage to do the right thing.  We love you SO much!

Daddy and Mama