Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy...

from your little girl...

Today is my dad's birthday. He is 55...a.k.a. A SENIOR CITIZEN:)

Many girls think that they have the best dad in the world, but I really do. Here are just a few reasons why my dad is the greatest:

1. He let me put hair clips in his hair and THEN he let my mom take a picture...nuf said...
2. He ALWAYS has time for me.
3. I ALWAYS know how much he adores me.
4. He is one of the smartest men I know.
5. He can fix anything.
6. He likes to talk almost as much as me:)
7. We think the same way.
8. He is always happy.
9. He makes really good coffee when he comes to visit.
10. He loves my mom.

And let's not forget my grandpa and grandma, who had a little something to do with this special day:)

Dad, I hope your day is wonderful!

No matter how old I get or how far apart we are, I'll always be your little girl! Happy Birthday!


  1. Hi Sweetie

    Loved seeing your tribute to the former #1 man in your heart. There's a lot to be said for senior citizen discounts! WLYL, M&D

  2. Hopefully he will share the discounts with me.

  3. AWW I am just now getting to see this since the computer has been away for a while. Love the picture of the sweet! Happy Birthday (late) Daddy Jeff! :)