Sunday, November 2, 2014

I'm TWO! Yay! :)

Oh my...I just can't.get.enough.

These two have truly stolen my heart. And their daddy's heart, too.  There is not a day that goes by that we don't realize how unbelievably blessed we are to be Mama and Daddy to these two precious sweeties. 

We love how much you love each other.  You really are inseparable. As long as you are with each other, you are happy.

You love to play Lego's together, do puzzles, and play peekaboo behind the living room curtains.  You think play-dough is pretty cool and you love to color at the kitchen table.  Books are becoming more and more interesting to you, and you love to point out the things you find in them.  You love to learn about shapes, animal sounds, and colors. Stickers will entertain you for hours... 

You are so helpful, too.  You love to help throw trash away, wipe the tables and floors, and you are pretty fabulous laundry "folders" and dishwasher "unloaders." You are very good at cleaning up your toys.  You are starting to really figure out where everything belongs and you like to help mama clean up when you are done playing.  It is amazing how well you follow directions.  We regularly run errands together and you often walk beside mama and help carry groceries or other goodies.  It just seems like yesterday that you were in your infant car seat when we ran errands!!! 

If we ask you how old you are, you say, "I TWO! Yaaaaay!"  It's pretty adorable.:)

You both have a lot of the same favorite words, and you say them ALOT.:) 
"PEAS!" (while banging your chest) = please
"Wawa" = water
"Byper" = diaper
"EE- uh" = clean up
"Bah!" = ball
"Tay-too" = Thank you
"He go" = Here you go
"I TWO" = I'm two!
"You Kaaay" = Are you okay?
"Oh Woah" = Hello
"Oh Cooo" = Oh cool!
"Ni Ni' = Night Night
"Ep Peas" = Help please
"BuBu" = bubble

Hi, Go car go, uh-oh, Weeeeee!, Yay!, Wahoo!,  Baby, Wow!, and I poo-poo:)  are some other things often heard in our house.:)

You are both still very good eaters. You definitely are becoming a bit more choosy when it comes to some of your veggies, but you really do a great job of trying new foods.  I'm thinking this might have a little bit to do with the HUGE growth spurt you just had.  Oh my!!!

Weight: 24 lbs. 1 oz.  (34%) 
Height: 33.3 inches (29%)
Head: 19.5 inches (95%)

Weight:28 lbs.11 oz. (74% )
Height: 35 inches (63% ) 
Head: 19.8 inches (92%)

You are fantastic sleepers, unless you are sick or teething, and we are ALL enjoying 12 hours of sleep at night and a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.;)

You LOVE to give kisses and "LOVEs" as we like to call them. 

You love to hold hands, too.  You often do it without me even suggesting it.  

You both LOVE to be silly!  You think dancing is SO fun!  Every time you hear the song "Happy" you start to move your hips and wave your hands.  You also do a very precious dance to the intro of "Bubble Guppies." It cracks us up every.single.time.

Sweet Kaden, 
You really are the perfect mix of non-stop, energetic, ALL boy, with the most kind and tender heart. You are in constant motion, can climb on or into anything- you would be in your sister's crib every day if we let you.:), and you do everything at a million MPH.:)  But...if you think anyone is hurt or if they even sneeze, you immediately go pat them and say "You kaay?" You will often grab your sister's hand when we are going somewhere, as if you want to protect her.  You absolutely adore spending one-on-one time with those you love.  Whether it is reading a book with "ma" (grandma) or running an errand with mama, you just light up when you get to spend quality time with your favorite people, especially if it involves something sweet to eat.:) We just can't say it enough...we think you are one pretty special little boy.  We pray daily that you continue to grow into a man who is kind to others, merciful, strong, and a hard worker.  We pray that you always know that our love is unconditional, and that we will be your biggest encouragers as you journey through life.  We love you little man.

xoxo, Daddy and Mama

Sweet Katherine,
You, sweet girl, are the perfect mix of sugar and spice.  You are as sweet as sweet can be, always obedient and always ready to snuggle. But...if your brother takes your toy one too many times or if you just didn't get that fantastic nap that you wanted, you are one SPUNKY little gal.  It doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it's pretty hilarious.  If looks could kill...:)  You will stand your ground and give us a loud "NO" if you've had enough.  We love it.  When you put your mind to something, you are determined.  You will buckle yourself, dress yourself, and figure out how something works, even if it takes a realllllllly long time.  We just know that your determination is going to be one of your best qualities. You are always so calm and you almost seem older than you are in so many ways. We pray that you always stay true to what you believe and that you grow in grace, knowledge, and maturity.  You are so beautiful, inside and out, and we know that you will always possess beauty and grace as you bless those around you. We love you sweet princess.

xoxo, Daddy and Mama

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