Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A little bit of everything:)

After celebrating Kaden and Katherine's 2nd birthday, I left for Atlanta for a R+F convention.  It was amazing, as always. 

Kaden and Katherine had fun with Gramps and Granny, and they sent me the photos to prove it.:) 
Shortly after returning, we headed to the Plano balloon festival to see the Ba-OOOns!:)
This was just a sweet shot of Katherine watching the big kids play basketball after church.
It apparently wore Kaden out.:)
We had a sleepover with Amber, Ellie, and Brady.  There wasn't a whole lot of sleeping, but they sure had fun!

My two cuties "helping" clean the kitchen...love them.;)
In October, Grandma and Papa came to visit.
They enjoyed going with us to Little Gym...
And building an easel with Papa...

And reading books with "ma"...
And blowing bubbles outside...
They enjoyed story time at the Disney store with their friends Landon and Noah.
Touching their toes...:)
Eleanor and Madeleine came by for a visit.
My Uncle George and Aunt Donna were in Lubbock and they made the trip to Frisco to meet Kaden and Katherine.  They were so incredibly sweet to them and it just meant the world to us that they came. 

Western Day at preschool was a ton of fun.:)

And finally, we enjoyed a morning at the car show and Farmers' Market.  We are loving the cooler weather!

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