Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Ten years already? I honestly can't believe it!  We had so much fun going back to Abilene to see all of our friends and introducing Kaden and Katherine to where Daddy and Mama met and fell in love.:)
I had so much fun seeing some of my sweet friends at our GATA breakfast.

Then it was time for the parade.  Gramps and Granny drove in to spend time with the kids and they had fun, as always!

On Sunday, we were able to visit Westgate, where Karson and I went to church while we were in college.  We were able to spend some time with Eric and Sherry Gumm, who were the college ministers while we were there.  It was so special to spend time with John Paul, Lauren, and Emily Gumm now that they are so grown up!!! Karson and I had so much fun loving on them when they were babies and it was fun to see them love on our kiddos.:)

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