Thursday, November 21, 2013

More Birthday:)

All of our sweet family came in town for the big birthday bash.  Kaden and Katherine were very spoiled.:)

My sweet friend Michelle made Kaden and Katherine these shirts for their birthday. Aren't they precious?:)  Daddy had to take some pictures, of course.:)

This last picture is such a special picture to our family.  We read this book, On the Night You Were Born , to Katherine and Kaden when they were first born.  I remember packing it with us to take to the NICU and reading it over and over to them while they lay in their isolettes. We decided that we would start the tradition of reading it to them on their birthday every year. Sweet, sweet memories.:)

On the night you were born,
the moon smiled with such wonder
that the stars peeked in to see you
and the night whispered,
"Life will never be the same."

Sweet Kaden,
We love you more than life itself.  We honestly didn't know we could love another person this deeply. We love watching you grow and learn.  We love watching your little brain work while you explore new things.  You are SO strong and SO fast! We love your sweet spirit.  You clap and giggle every morning when we take you out of your crib. We think it is pretty adorable!!! We pray that you always know how adored you are and how much we love you.  You are truly an amazing little boy and we feel honored to be your parents. 

Daddy and Mama

Sweet Katherine,
We love you more than life itself, too!!!  We think you are truly the happiest baby EVER!!! You finally cut your first tooth on the 16th, and even during that, you were so happy! We love watching you laugh at your brother. You have mastered the "scoot" as your favorite way to get around.  It's pretty amazing how fast you get around.:)  We just love your fearless, tenderhearted spirit.  We cannot wait to see what amazing things you will do in life.  We feel truly blessed to be your parents.

Daddy and Mama

First Birthday PAR-TAY!!!

An amazing day... in pictures...