Thursday, November 21, 2013


At the beginning of August, my Uncle Tommy, Aunt Linda, and cousin Tiffany came to visit.:)
We had so much fun loving on her three super sweet boys, and they, of course,  spoiled our little ones.:)

My mom also came to stay and love on our babies one last time before summer ended. 
My Aunt Sue came over for dinner one night while driving through Dallas.

On August 11, Katherine and Kaden turned 11 months.  Where did the time go?:)  

Here are just a few more random pictures from August...

They love playing with sweet Merritt!  She watches them while I go to Boot Camp in the morning.
Bath time!!!

Playing Peek-a-boo:)

I mean, seriously???:)

Sweet Katherine,
You are on the move, girlie!  You scoot backwards everywhere, and often find yourself in places that don't make you happy.:) You continue to be a really good eater. You have started eating table food and we really haven't found much the you won't try. Just when we think your personality can't get any more fun, you prove us wrong!  You have so much SPUNK- people comment about this often.  We love this about you and we pray that you always keep your spunky love of life.:) 

Daddy and Mama

Precious Kaden,
You are always on the go!  You pull up on EVERYTHING and can often be found sitting on or crawling over your sister.  Sometimes, you will even stand on your own for a few seconds. Slow down, little guy!!! You are also a very good and FAST eater! You shovel your food in your mouth before we can get more on your plate. You love talking to your sister and she loves talking back to you- we think you know exactly what the other is saying. You giggle when we tickle you and the sound just melts our hearts! We love you little guy!

Daddy and Mama

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