Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fun in California!

At the beginning of July, we left for a two week trip to Cali. It was SO much fun! Grandpa was so sweet and excited to see his favorite grandkids when we landed.:) 

They were fantastic travelers! Even the pilot thought so...:)

Grandma bought them some fun outfits for the 4th.;)

Sweet Grandma Jo (our adopted grandma) came over to love on our babies.

And then we went over to her house to play...
She even had a little surprise birthday planned for mama.:)
We did a whole of playing, snuggling, and laughing while we were together.:) Katherine LOVED cuddling with grandpa. I think he liked it too.:)
Bath time cuddles are the sweetest!

Nana Faye came over to visit.:)
 Bodi and her mommy came to visit.

Our sweet friend Donna dropped by...
Grandpa took his babies to work for show and tell.:)
And then Katherine hung out with the girls while we got pedicures.:)

We were busy, busy, BUSY!!!

Katherine and Kaden LOVED the pool.  It took Kaden a little while to get used to it, but he eventually decided he liked it.:)

Aunt Merrily got some snuggles from Katherine at church.
Kaden and Grandpa climbed a tree together...

We had so much fun!!!  We were so sad to leave, but we were excited to see daddy. He flew in a few days before we had to leave to help us on the plane on the way home.  I was SO glad that he did- we ended up having a very long day  (14 hours) of travel, including an emergency landing in Abilene. This picture pretty much sums up our flight home. :)
They did really well, and were still smiling when we landed late that night.:)

Back at home, we had to catch up on our monthly pictures.  It was fun as always!:)

My sweet friend Rae came later in the month for a visit.:)
And here are just a few random sweet pictures of my favorite shopping buddies.;)

Sweet Kaden,
July was such a big month for you!!! You crawled for the first time on July 9th, while we were in Cali, and you were pulling up and cruising all over the place by the 20th.  You love walking everywhere as long as someone is holding your hands. You are so active and you love your sister so much! You are a little unsure of new things at first, but once you get used to them, you are fearless!  We pray that you always like to try new things and that you always keep your sweet spirit. 

Daddy and Mama

Sweet Katherine,
You are our little cuddle bug!  You wave and clap whenever someone comes in the room and you smile pretty much all the time.  You would stay in the pool all day if we let you and you love to splash and stick your face in the water.  We pray that you always love others and bring joy to the lives of everybody around you.

Daddy and Mama

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