Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ho Ho Ho!

We started out the Holiday Season with a Snow day.  We were completely unprepared as far a clothing goes (note the socks for gloves.:), but we made the best of it.:)
They were thrilled (kind of:)) to sit on Santa's lap.:)

We spent Christmas in Taos with Karson's family.  Our little sweeties weren't feeling all that great, but they still enjoyed family time and lots of spoiling.:)

A few days into our trip, we finally decided to take them into town to see a doctor.  They gave us some steroids for croup and they slowly got to feeling better.:)

She's cute even when she's not feeling well.:)

When we returned from Taos, my parents flew in to spend a week with us during our Christmas break.  We did a lot of playing and relaxing and it was so much fun! 

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