Sunday, December 1, 2013


Here are a few fun pictures from October...

This is what happens when mama is gone.  Love this!

Uncle Korbin and Aunt Amy spent the day with us on their way to a wedding.   Katherine and Kaden loved them- especially because they shared some of Uncle Korbin's birthday blackberry cobbler.:) It was so much fun!

Aunt Amy went with us to take them swinging.  We were so glad that she was there, because sweet Katherine busted her very first tooth out of place while swinging.  Aunt Amy popped it right back into place and so far, it looks OK.  We'll see!:) We are thankful for dentists in the family.:)

October was also our baby blessing at church. It was such a sweet moment to celebrate and pray over our children.

Weight: 16 lbs. 1 oz.  (5% adjusted) 
Height: 26.7 inches (5% adjusted)
Head: 18 inches (75% adjusted)

Weight:19 lbs. 15 oz. (25% adjusted )
Height: 27.6 inches (10%adjusted )
Head: 18.7 inches (90%  adjusted)

Sweet Kaden,
We love you so much!  We love watching you explore with your amazing walking skills.:)  You took your first step on the 19th, and you were walking all over the place by the next weekend! You are so proud of yourself when you walk.  You just clap and giggle and talk.  You love baths and you are still an excellent eater!  Raisins are your favorite food.:)

Daddy and Mama

Sweet Katherine,
You amaze us baby girl!  One of our favorite moments with you this month was when you started physical therapy to help you with your core strength. During the assessments, the Dr. said that you wouldn't be able to do the next skill test, because it was far too advanced for a baby your age.  You looked right at her, did it, and then smiled really big at her.  We were all laughing!   You LOVE to dance. You find a beat in everything.  And you love cooked carrots. You'd eat them all day if we fed them to you!


  1. Sharon, they are just so adorable! And y'all have so many great pictures, I couldn't possibly narrow down for frame-able ones if I were you guys! Thanks for sharing about your sweet one-year-olds!

  2. This makes my heart so happy... (Except for her poor tooth!) Those precious babies!! Love them!