Sunday, December 8, 2013

15 months and a busy November!!!

At the beginning of November, we took our little cuties over to one of the local museums and we took some pictures to submit for the ACU magazine.  And then I just couldn't help but get a few of this precious little cowboy.:)  I know he will love these later.:)

Later in the month, Karson's grandparents, Hugh and Doris, dropped by for a visit. It was a lot of fun.:) 

We flew to Cali for Thanksgiving with my parents.  They were amazing little travelers!!!

We had so much fun playing outside and enjoying the wonderful California weather.:)

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Jo's house.   The dinner was wonderful, except for the fact that the oven was accidentally left open and Kaden tried to crawl in. Yikes! We didn't get very many pictures because we left early to go the hospital.:(  It's always an adventure around here.;)

Our poor sweet little boy was such a trooper- he endured morphine shots, burn debridement, and all sorts of other tough stuff. :(  The emergency room we went to sent us to a burn unit across town and they took such good care of our sweet little man.  

He was kind of pitiful for a few days, but nothing that snuggles with Grandma couldn't help.:)
We so enjoyed our time in California and were so sad to leave, as always!;)

As soon as we returned, it was time for our 15 month appointment.  Where does the time go?:)

Weight: 17 lbs. 10 oz.  (14%, 7% adjusted) 
Height: 29 inches (32%, 9% adjusted)
Head: 18.8 inches (97%, 93% adjusted)

Weight:22 lbs. 4 oz. (60%, 43% adjusted )
Height: 30.5 inches (63%, 25%adjusted )
Head: 19 inches (93%, 86%  adjusted)

Sweet Katherine, 
You really are an absolute doll!  You love to wave and blow kisses. Your favorite word is uh-oh, and you find lots of reasons to say it.:) You love to show us your nose, and you think it is really funny to "blow" your own nose when we ask.;) You don't say very many words, but you love to sign "please, more, all done, and milk." You LOVE to play peekaboo.  You are still a fantastic eater.  You don't really like to drink very much, but we are working on it.  We love you baby girl!
Mama and Daddy

Sweet Kaden,
You are such an amazing little boy.  We still can't believe how strong and fast you are.  You run everywhere you go!  You love to wear shoes and be outside.  You love to wave and blow kisses.  You also sign "milk, please, more, and all done.":) You LOVE to eat.  You would probably eat all day long if we let you.:) You are such a cuddler. Mommy doesn't mind at all. We love you baby boy!!!
Mama and Daddy

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