Friday, June 21, 2013

Our little LOVE BUGS

February was a lot of fun!  At the beginning of the month, Gramps and Granny came to visit. We did lots of our favorite activity...READING!  Katherine and Kaden love to read and it makes this "teacher mommy" so happy.:)
February was filled with lots of snuggles, hugs, and kisses. It is, after all, the LOVE month.:)

On the 11th, they turned FIVE months old!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Miss Katherine.  She was all dressed up and ready to go in an adorable onesie from my very talented friend Michelle.;)

Michelle also made some cute Valentine's Day onesies for our LOVE BUGS!:)

We celebrated Valentine's Day with Heart-shaped pancakes, made with love by Grandpa.  They loved them.:)

 Love this little heart-breaker!

 Here are a few other sweet photos from February...

Katherine with Miss Sophie...her favorite.:)
 Facetime with Grandpa...:)
This last picture might be my favorite picture that we have ever taken.  We  took this picture on February 27, 2013, exactly one year after we "met" them for the first time.  They are holding the picture that the doctor gave us on that day.  Such little miracles!!! 

Sweet Katherine,
We love you so much!  We are really enjoying seeing your personality develop more and more.  Your smile is contagious and you LOVE to be around people.  You've grown so much this month!  You still eat every 2-3 hours during the day, but you sometimes sleep until 3 or so in the morning.  One morning, you slept until 5!  We were SO excited!!! You are SO happy in the mornings. It is definitely your favorite time of the day. You have learned how to take your pacifier out, which makes you very upset, so we've got to work on teaching you how to put it back in.:)  You started rolling over on  the 25th.  It's not your favorite thing to do, but you hate being on your tummy, so you're willing to do it.;)   There are no words to express how much we love you sweet girl!
Mama and Daddy

Sweet Kaden,
You are our favorite little guy! You have also grown so much this month.  You started rolling over on the 18th and you are so proud of yourself every time you do it! You have started to wear your helmet to help your head shape, and it is definitely not your favorite thing!  It makes it hard for you to get comfortable while you sleep and you get so hot while wearing it, but you are such a trooper. You have discovered how to hold a rattle and how to take your pacifier out of your mouth.  You love your hands! You occasionally sleep through the night, which is FANTASTIC! You are definitely a mama's boy, always wanting to know exactly where I am.  The feeling is mutual, sweet boy!  We couldn't be more thankful for you!

Mama and Daddy

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  1. Oh Sharon, you've got the cutest kids around! I love that picture of you holding both of them, it's like this is what you were born to do! LOVE hearing about how happy you are as a mom and seeing how amazing you are at it! Your gorgeous kids are so blessed to have you!