Thursday, June 27, 2013

On the Go!!!

April was such a HUGE month for our little family!:)  We were finally able to get out of the house!!!  While I admit that I did really enjoy our seven months "in", it was also really special to be able to finally share our babies with the world.  During the first weekend of April, we visited Karson's hometown Seminole.  His grandparents were driving in from Kansas, so we thought it would be a good time to see everybody and take Kaden and Katherine on their first road trip.

Kaden enjoyed play time with Gramps...
and nap time with Gramps...:)
and nap time with Great Grandma Helen...

and nap time with Uncle Korbin...:)

Katherine enjoyed snuggles with Aunt Amy.

And then she snuggled with Great Grandpa Hughie.:)

Kaden enjoyed his time with Great Grandma Doris.

He thought that Great Grandpa Don was pretty cool.
And Aunt Gale and Aunt Amy were pretty fun, too!

Kaden and Katherine enjoyed being outside with Granny and Aunt Amy.;)
And Aunt Vicki even stopped by for a visit.
It was such a special trip.  We were so glad that Katherine and Kaden were able to see all of their "Greats.":)  

On the way home, we stopped in Abilene to see my Great Aunt Loreta.  We became very close while I went to ACU, and it was very special to introduce the babies to her.  

Back in Frisco and with all of this new freedom, I quickly put the babies to work... They were great little shopping helpers.:)
On the 11th, they turned SEVEN months old!!! I think this might be the sweetest yet of their month by month photos.:)
On April 14th, we took Katherine and Kaden to church for the first time.  It was a pretty incredible and emotional day. It was such a blessing to be able to worship with them in our arms. 
  My sweet friend "Aunt" Alli was so sweet to help us with Katherine and Kaden. I love this picture of her and Katherine.:)

After church, we stayed for a picnic. Kaden and Katherine received lots of love from  lots of sweet people.  :)  I didn't get many pictures (can't imagine what I was busy doing:) ), but I did get a sweet one of Kaden with "Aunt" Toni and Katherine with "Aunt" Alli.:)

 Here are a few more fun pictures from April...

Kaden has learned to stick his tongue out to copy Daddy.  It is pretty cute, in my totally unbiased opinion, because he concentrates so hard when he does it!:)

Here is a cute picture of Katherine...I don't know how she does it, but she ends up with cereal all over her head when she eats!:)

At the end of April, we moved in with some friends while we had some work done on our house. We lived with our sweet friends Chad and Miranda Johnston for the first few days.  Kaden and Katherine LOVED meeting other little friends.;)

Kaden and Payton found each other pretty entertaining.:)
Who us?:)

And Payton and Katherine were just so sweet to watch.:)

 Ranger could not have been more precious with Katherine.  He's such a precious little guy.

On our last day at the Johnstons, Chad's parents dropped by and Kaden and Katherine definitely enjoyed getting to see them.:)

After we left the Johnstons, we moved in with our friends Matt and Amber.  They live just a few minutes away from Karson's work, so he was able to come and visit us during lunch.  We loved that!
And finally, we moved in with the Chamblees. Alli's sweet kiddos and I were sick  while we were there, so we didn't get to play together as we had hoped.  Next time, for sure!:)  I did snap this sweet picture of Kaden and Katherine enjoying the back patio with Daddy.:)  

We are so incredibly blessed to have such sweet friends!  They were all fabulous hosts and hostesses and we made lots of fun memories during our time.:)

We also had our first NICU reunion at the end of April.  It was really special to see so many of the people who have helped us on our journey.  

This is Dr. David Weisoly, their neonatologist.  We loved him!
And Miss Veronica was a huge blessing to us!  She taught Kaden and Katherine how to eat, which was an unbelievably huge help to us.:)
We also were able to see some of our favorite NICU nurses.

 Kathryn holding Katherine :)
We love Miss Abby!
Nicole holding Kaden:)

Here is one last picture from April that makes me laugh. It was Katherine's first time in her jumperoo.  We might need to put a pillow under her.:)

Sweet Katherine,
You truly amaze us!  You are one happy little girl.  You LOVE to smile and you LOVE to talk.  Everywhere we go, people comment on your spunky personality. One of our favorite memories of you this month is when you went with mama to speak about our NICU experience to several nurses and hospital staff.  You had the entire audience laughing and smiling with your silly faces, expressions, and talking.  It was absoutely precious. You LOVE people!  Sometimes, when you see someone you love, you shriek so loud that it almost hurts our ears.:) You also love mirrors, your feet, and nap time.:)  You have become such a good little napper!:) You have really started to enjoy cuddling, which we love.:) You are finally growing some fuzz hair on your sweet little head.;) Pretty soon, you'll be wearing a pony tail!  Sweet Katherine, we pray that you always have a heart for others and that you continue to love people so deeply.  We love you precious girl!

Mama and Daddy

Precious Kaden,
You are such a joy in our lives!  We just think you are the sweetest little boy ever! We love watching you with your sister.  You really LOVE her!  You constantly want to touch her, look at her, and be wherever she is.  Sometimes, she doesn't want you to pull her hair and suck on her ear, but we keep telling her that it is only because you love her so much.:)  Your motor skills have really improved this month.  You are really good at shaking a rattle and you love shaking and grabbing all of the toys on your jumperoo.  Sweet Kaden, we pray that you always love your sister this much and that you always stand beside her and support her as you go throughout life .  We couldn't be more in love with you!

Mama and Daddy

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