Thursday, June 27, 2013


At the beginning of May, we were moving back into our house and unpacking .  It was pretty crazy doing this with two babies, but they did great!;) My sweet friend Eleanor entertained them for a while one afternoon, and I got SO much unpacking done.  Yeah for sweet friends!;) 
Later in the month, we started Wednesday morning runs with Daddy.  Everybody loves Wednesday mornings.;)
I love this next picture.:)   Caroline, Ann Marie, and Stephanie are friends that I have met who all have twins about the same age as Katherine and Kaden.  We have play dates occasionally and we always enjoy our time with these amazing babies and mamas.:)  This particular play date was at a Frisco RoughRiders Game.  Caroline's sweet husband is the the VP, so he got us a very luxurious suite for the day.  It was the perfect way to watch the game!:)
Katherine and Kaden enjoyed their first trip to Rosa's Cafe.  My sweet friend Toni met us there for lunch.

On the 11th, they turned 8 months old. These pictures capture more and more of their little personalities each month.  We always have quite a few "outtakes" to chose from.:)

And then, we finally get a sweet one.:)
The day after their 8 month birthday, we celebrated Mother's Day.  I'm so very thankful to be a mommy to these two!

 My sweet friend Amber always invites us to her dad's house for their family's celebration of Memorial Day.  Katherine and Amber's daughter, Ellie, had lots of fun together.:)

Kaden braved the pool for the first time and was NOT a fan.  It was a little too cold.:)  
My dad's cousins stopped by on their way through town to meet Katherine and Kaden.  Dave and Terri Sue have been some of their faithful prayer warriors.:)
Aunt Isabel came over to meet Katherine and Kaden.  She also has been such a faithful prayer warrior for our little ones.
These last few pictures are just a few precious pictures of our sweet blessings!

Your smile is absolutely contagious.  People can't help but smile at you when they look your way.  Many of your smiles this month have been because of all the new discoveries you've made.  You roll all over the place and get so excited when you "roll your way" to something new.  You can move across a room in just a few seconds.  It is pretty entertaining to watch. You love to grab everything that you see. You also got your first tooth on the 20th.  You were NOT a fan of the teething process.:(  It broke our hearts! We did, however, enjoy the extra cuddles while you didn't feel well.  We love you more than words can say!

Mama and Daddy

You are such a little talker!  We hear "ma" and "da" all the time, and can't wait until it really means something.:) Everybody we meet comments on how feisty and talkative you are.  We love that you have so much to say! Almost everybody we meet also compliments your HUGE smile and your beautiful blue eyes.  We couldn't agree more, baby girl!  We love YOU more than words can say!

Mama and Daddy

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