Sunday, June 14, 2009

Taos, NM

Karson and I just got back from a wonderful week spent near Taos, NM at his parents' cabin. We had so much fun relaxing and being with family. Everything there is so beautiful!
As soon as we arrived, Karson told me that he wanted to destroy the dam...I think he really just wanted to wear his new waiters (correction "waders"...thanks Dad!)... I felt kind of bad for the beavers, but I guess they had already moved elsewhere and the dam was causing the water level to be too high near the cabin.
And, of course, I was right there by his side helping! :)
Isn't it beautiful?

While at the cabin, we did a whole lot of nothing. Amy (my fabulous sister-in-law) and I spent many hours on the couch watching movies:)

We also did a lot of cooking! Marilyn, here is the picture that I told you that I would put on my blog! hehe...enjoy! You really need to click on this one to make it big to see the full effect.:)

While Karson and his brother thought it would be fun to have crazy intense workout sessions...
We went to the Spa...My favorite part of the trip was probably the spa day. Marilyn asked Karson what I liked to do and he said,"Take her to the spa!" Good job honey! Thanks Marilyn for a wonderful day. We had manicures, spa pedicures, a facial, was wonderful! I had my first Facial Peel. The ladies at the spa were running late, so they decided to give us complimentary peels. The Esthetician put the stuff on my face and then left without telling me what she had done. For those of you who have had peels before, you can imagine that I thought my face had surely caught on fire and was permanently scarred:)

I didn't mean to upload this picture, but it is a good picture of the downstairs part of the cabin.:) Marilyn has done a great job making it feel "cabin-ish" and cozy.;)

And after five years of marriage and 9 years of knowing Karson, I learned how he got his name. Apparently, he is related to Kit Carson and that is who he is named after.

Every time we go to Taos, we always stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I know we have them here, but we only go in Taos!:)

My conversation with the lady at the Chocolate Factory:
Me: Do you have chocolate-covered bananas?
Lady: No. Only what you see out here.
Me: Ok, thanks. I see you have a "frozen banana" on your menu. What is that?
Lady: A banana covered in chocolate.
Me: Ok. I'll have that. (Hmmmmm....)
It was delicious!

And Karson and his dad, Kerry...just chillin...

I hope you all have a great week!


  1. Looks like a great time! Looking forward to hanging out with you soon!

  2. Looks like a great week of relaxing! Glad you had a good time.

  3. What a fun trip! You look so beautiful and relaxed! I love your posts, I always feel like I am on the trip with you! These are great pictures!!! What a fun way to kick off SUMMER!