Monday, September 11, 2017


I CANNOT believe we have gotten to be your parents for five years. It has truly been the best.

Happy birthday our sweet Katherine. Your princess party was perfect, and we loved seeing you have so much fun. You are truly a joy, and you have such a gentle spirit. You are joyful, thoughtful, creative, and considerate. You've been through more in five years than some experience in a lifetime- and you always choose to be fearless and optimistic. We are so thankful we get to be your Mama and Daddy. XOXO, Mama and Daddy

Happy birthday to our favorite little guy. You were the cutest ninja at your ALL boy birthday party. We could not be more proud to have you as our son. You are strong, curious, helpful, and kind. You make every day an adventure, and we feel so blessed to have you in our lives. I will never forget the first moment we saw you. You've had our hearts since that day FIVE years ago and we will always love being your Mama and Daddy. XOXO, Mama and Daddy

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