Friday, April 1, 2016

March Memories!

We started off March working in the yard and getting ready for all things SPRING!
And then we visited the Fountains at Fairview with our friends...

And then Mama got to go on a dream vacation with some of her favorite mamas! Caroline hosted us at their family's cabin near Breckenridge. We started our first night there with a fun night out in Vail.
And then next day, Ann and Britt and I hit the slopes!

We had so much fun staying up late, eating junk food, and being silly in the hot tub.  Love these girls!!!
When we returned, Papa flew in to join us, and we went for ice cream with Uncle Charles. Always fun.

And then we went to Benihana. Hibachi + toddlers = Happiness, for sure!!!

We found lots of time to fix all of Papa's medical problems...
and play games on the back porch...

And then it was time to hunt eggs with our Shawnee Trail church family!

We had so much fun decorating eggs this year...

The next morning, Kaden and Katherine were so excited to see that the Easter Bunny had visited!!!

And then it was time for church... Daddy loves to take pictures!!!
Ms. Tammy joined us for Easter lunch, which was super special.

We made lots of fun memories with Papa and Grandma...

They loved going to the park to slide and fly kites...
And the Arboretum is always a must...
Brady and Ellie joined us this time!

Papa had one more project left to do before he left and he had the cutest helper around!
March ended with Mama going out with some friends from church to see Heather perform in Dixie Swim Club. It was fabulous!!!

And then Kaden and Katherine started swim lessons at Emler. They love it!

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