Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January Fun

We started the new year with visiting our new Playstreet Museum with our friend Husdson.  There is a cow you can milk and a life-sized Lite-Brite...what more could you want from life? :)
 We also made dinner (and dessert) for a friend who had a baby. Kaden definitely loved licking the bowl after we were done! :)

We were able to eat dinner with some of our friends from church- these girls are such a blessing!
And Mr. Neil and Ms. Tammy had some awesome helpers working on their fence.:)

We had the best time eating ice cream with Uncle Charles...
Kaden helped Daddy serve communion one Sunday- so precious. 
And he helped mama make dinner almost every night!

Ellie invited Katherine to ballet class and they had so much fun!

Kaden studied their every move and was such a sweet little encourager!

At the end of the month, I was blessed to be able to attend our church's Ladies' retreat. It was such a wonderful weekend. Love these women!

Even though they might not be the best at makeovers...:)

Kaden and Katherine, we love you so much!  You are constantly making us laugh and adding so much joy to our home. One of our favorite things that you are saying right now is "Bammer." When you constantly look for, use (and fight over) your "Bammer", we can't help but giggle.  You love to build and to use your work bench, so the hammer is always needed! You are also really into what time it is and you want to make sure "it's not enough o' clock yet" or "it's o'clock to eat my gummies!" Love you two so much!


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