Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas in Taos

I hope everyone has had a good start to 2010! I just wanted to share a few pictures from our Williams' family Christmas. We had so much fun with Karson's family!
The trip had a humorous beginning...we didn't have running water or plumbing for a few days!:) I have decided that I am not a "roughing it" kind of girl.:) So...we were off to Taos to stock up on bottled water. I had to include this picture because it is the only picture from the first four days! Needless to say, no one was very excited about having their picture taken after a few days with no shower.:)

We eventually got the plumbing fixed. I really felt bad for Karson's parents for having to mess with that on their holiday.:(

Our Christmas celebration was lots of fun!

Marilyn opening her presents...

I think Korbin and Amy liked their presents...:)

Kerry gave us each a lottery ticket. I won $20!

Korbin got Amy a new Coach purse! Way to go, Korbin!

We got Kerry a furry jock strap in Alaska. It IS at least made of real fur.:) We never know what to buy Karson's parents...this might have been the best reaction that we have ever gotten from a gift! My favorite part is Marilyn's face at the bottom of the picture.:)

Moving onto Skiing... yes, that is me under the goggles and mask.:) Karson is a much cooler looking skier than I am.:)

One of the highlights of the trip was having Karson's grandparents there to celebrate with us. We were really glad that they came!

We think Hughie liked his new hat...

Another highlight was Kerry's new puppy. Ooboo was so fun to be around! He is going to be a really neat pet. I can't wait to spend more time with him. It made me want a puppy...or I'd settle for a baby instead.:)

We joked that you could tell how cold it was outside by how far outside Ooboo went when he went to the bathroom. When it was in the teens, he would run down the porch and then play a little in the snow. When it got down into the single digits, he would just run down the porch, go to the bathroom, and then run back up. When it was -10 degrees, he would just potty on the steps.:) Too cold!

Love that dog!
Our view leaving the cabin...and back to reality! It was so much fun! Thanks Kerry and Marilyn for a wonderful Christmas!
May God bless your 2010!


  1. it looks like you had a great time (once you had plumbing)! and what a cute dog!!! Happy New Year!

  2. What a fun trip! I love all the snow! I am not a roughin' it girl either! Glad you're back!

  3. that puppy is absolutely adorable sharon! and don't worry, i look JUST like you did while skiing, goggles and all, only i had a helmut on making me look even more gender neutral! glad y'all had such a great time in taos! hope the carnitas were a hit!

  4. What a white Christmas you had! =)
    It was nice to see your smiling face today! Missed you!