Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Fun!

We have had so much fun celebrating the season!
We went with Carley, our sweet neighbor, to Merry Main Street. My favorite part of this picture is that she has cotton candy stuck to her mouth!

We had our "other" small group over one night for a little party.:) So fun!

Karson's work party at Six Flags Holiday in the Park was SOOO fun! It was definitely the best work party ever! We basically got to have a free date and I didn't have to socialize with anybody but my hubby. :)
We even got a free picture as our gift! I love this picture if us on Titan because it is so "US."

Then I went to Josephine's with some of my girls from work. Look at all of the cute babies!

One of the highlights of our month was having the Boswells stay with us. It was so fun! Carrie and sweet Caleb also came over and hung out with us.
Karson and sweet Caleb enjoyed playing the piano.

Jarrett and sweet Case were such a joy to have in our home!
A picture with all the kiddos! Our house was was too quiet when they left! We LOVED every minute of our time with these little ones! (and their parents) ;)
Sweet Macy helped me get ready Sunday morning for church and she decided that she liked my boots!

I decorated my Christmas table, which is always fun! This picture is for you, Jenny.:)

And then, I got the most adorable clipboard in the mail from my sweet friend Molly. She made this!

Some girls baking cookies for our cookie bake-off... We won, by the way!

I know this has been a random post...thanks for reading!
I hope your holidays have been great!


  1. Such a fun post, loved all the pics!!! Enjoy your Break, I know I will :)

  2. It was a highlight for us too. You are such wonderful hosts. Thanks!!!

  3. We still haven't received our prize! Thanks for hosting us at your house! Had a great time!

  4. Looks like so much fun!! Glad you liked the clipboard! Love you!!

  5. oh you've had so much fun! makes me want to be a visitor at the williams' bed and breakfast as well! : ) and thanks for the pic of your gorgeous table, i definately clicked on it to get a "close up!" you are so good at that sharon! :)