Saturday, May 2, 2015


We are so excited for SPRING around here!  We started off March with a very sweet playdate with Chani, Deena, and their sweet kids Tylie, Charlie, and Henry.  Chani is a super talented photographer and took some sweet photos of our crew.:)

I love this picture of Kaden, because it captures the evidence of a little sister who has had enough.:)  

Later in the month, Aunt Molly came to visit.  It is truly so special how much Katherine loves Molly. Melts. my. heart.

We had MORE snow in you can tell from Katherine's face, she's ready for warmer weather. 
However, we did make sure to build the neighborhood's largest snowman...

Later in the month, we went to our sweet friends' ranch. Scott and Caroline were so sweet to invite us for the weekend, and the kid's truly enjoyed a weekend away.:)

We eventually had to come back to reality...but the truth is that reality is just as sweet.  My sweet boy brought me his first worm. Be still my heart...
And then we were off to their 30 month appointment. How did that happen???
Weight: 27 lbs. 10 oz.  (45%) 
Height: 36.5 inches (72%)
Head: 20 inches (98%)

Weight:32 lbs.7 oz. (79% )
Height: 36.5 inches (57% ) 
Head: 20.3 inches (97%)
We are so blessed by their progress and how well they are growing!!!

Here is a sweet picture of Amanda reading to our kids after Boot Camp one day...
And this?  I'm not sure what to say other than he's happy.;)
Love this...:)
At the end of March, we traveled to Abilene to say goodbye to my sweet Aunt Loreta.  It was bittersweet.  She was so precious to me, but I know she is finally at peace and in a better place. 

We were so blessed to see my Great Uncle Charles, who is my grandmother's brother. Katherine was instantly smitten.  So sweet...

I love this picture of Kaden and Kat.  I spent so much time at Aunt Loreta's house in Abilene while I was in college, and it was pretty special to see them playing there.
After we returned home, we enjoyed some beautiful days with our sweet friends Clara and Bennett.

And then...Papa and Grandma came from Cali to visit for Easter.  So much fun!!!

We attempted a picture before their Easter Egg Hunt at preschool...
We took them to the Arboretum and they loved seeing the animals...

and they loved the Eddie Coker Children's concert...
We also went to the Ft. Worth Zoo, which was so much fun.

Back in Dallas, we enjoyed burgers at Braum's with Uncle Charles...
And then it wouldn't be Easter without egg dying???  Dying eggs with two 2 year olds was definitely interesting, but we made memories, so it was worth it.:)

Papa and grandma eventually had to leave, but we made ourselves feel better by going back to the Arboretum with some of our sweet friends.:)
And then to the Roughriders' game with some friends...

We went back to the Arboretum with Daddy at the end of April, and our sweet boy got some ant bites!!!  Daddy did a good job of giving him some TLC.

Fun at Noah and Landon's birthday party...
A crazy playdate with Brady and Ellie...
Making breakfast one morning with me boy...
And...we ended April a super sweet Mother's Day brunch at preschool. Love these two!!!

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