Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Californian Christmas

We could not have had a better trip to California to see our family.  Kaden and Katherine  were absolutely amazing little travelers! We actually had a lot of fun doing different activities and we made a lot of fun memories! Putting pom poms in an egg crate was one of their favorites.:)
They really enjoyed lacing activities, too!

This plastic fly swatter was also a huge hit. Random, I know.:)

And then of course, snacking...:)

And sleeping...:)  At one point, Kaden was actually sleeping AND eating at the same time.  We thought it was pretty hilarious, so we actually submitted it to America's Funniest Home Videos. You never know unless you try, right?:)
Once we arrived in California, Grandma and Grandpa had many fun activities planned.  Baking with Grandma was definitely pretty fun.

And eating the batter made it even better!

They played all kinds of different games with Grandpa. Jump ropes make excellent microphones.:)

We even busted out my old Light Bright. We couldn't believe it still worked.:)

These are just the sweetest. He is definitely Grandma's boy. There is no way I could just pick one.:)

They enjoyed opening presents on Christmas Day.  They loved their train table and they thought their new accessories were pretty cool as well. 

They enjoyed picking oranges in Papa's orchard and they thought it was awesome to feed them to him.:)

Such a sweet Grandpa to play in the tent with them.
Enjoying crafts with Grandma...

Their first trip to Yogurt Zone...

Dinner at Outback to celebrate Grandma's 60th...
Walking in the rain with Grandma...
Going on a treasure hunt in the back yard and finding their presents in the Magic Tree...

No trip to California would be complete without a trip to Dewar's ice cream shop.:)

Pizza for breakfast on the kitchen floor with Grandma... why not?
By the end of the trip, sweet Katherine was soooo sleepy.  She would get so sleepy that she would start putting herself to bed on the floor. It might have had a little something to do with the fact that every time we put her to bed, she would start saying "mama", then "daddy", and then she would start saying everything that she could possibly think of...all done, out, up, down, no more, owww!, uh-oh, NO! try to get us to come get her.  Once she started saying Papa and Grandma (Ga- ma), she seemed to somehow get her way.;)  

Decorating sugar cone Christmas trees...

Heading to one last Sunday lunch with Papa and Grandma before we headed home. It was SO hard to say goodbye!!!

Two days later, we were back home and back to reality.  We could not have been blessed with better travelers.  We truly enjoyed our time as a family!

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