Saturday, May 7, 2011


I haven't been very good about blogging lately (as you may have noticed:)) is a hodge-podge of pictures of what he have been doing lately...

Karson's dad, Kerry, came into town and they went to a photography class for the weekend. They had a great weekend and we really enjoyed Kerry's visit! Marilyn, we missed you!
We enjoyed a very fun evening with the Wilks at the Kenny Chesney/Zac Brown concert.
We picked our first asparagus from our garden (told you this was a hodge-podge:)). We planted it two years ago, so having our 2 first stalks was a big event in the Williams' household.:)
My parents came into town from Cali to celebrate Easter with us and it was wonderful as always. The Goodes and Blair joined us for Easter dinner.
Blair entertained us on the piano with his talent as always.
Probably one of the most fun things that we did was eat all of our meals on the patio that my dad and Karson built last Spring. I'm so proud of my two favorite men for working so hard to build us such a beautiful back porch!
A year ago our backyard looked like this...
A little paint...
Lots of working during the crazy snow storm that we had last March ( do you remember that?)
And now we finally get to enjoy it!:)
Hunter and his parents came over and I think Hunter and my Dad had some good bonding time on the patio.:)
Karson also did newborn shots for the first time. Hunter is SUCH an adorable baby...thank you Matt and Eleanor for letting Karson practice his photography skills on sweet Hunter!:) Here are some of my favorites...
See...I told you this post was really random.:)

Thanks for reading!:)


  1. Karson, you can practice on my kids anytime--we miss you guys. Hope you are in town the end of July--want to come visit.

  2. Woohoo for a new post! Love keeping up with you. Karson is a great photographer! Glad I saw you yesterday, but miss you lots!

  3. Haha! Random, but great! We all want to hear about you and what you have been up to! Yay for that asparagus bloom too! I can't wait to see your porch soon! Love ya!

  4. What a great catch up, miss seeing you guys every week!!!