Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award!

My sweet friends Michelle and Chani gave me this very fun and sweet award! Thanks ladies! The two of them actually have blogs that I LOVE to read...you can click on the link if you want to see them.:)
The point of this award is to share 7 seven things about yourself that people may or may not know and then pick 7 friends to also give this award too. What a fun idea, huh?
And now for the seven things...drum roll please.:)
1. I used to be REALLY messy and a HUGE procrastinator. Those of you who work with me now probably have a hard time believing this... Now, I'm practically obsessive. I can't stand a dirty dish in the sink or an unorganized drawer ( it doesn't mean that it never happens...it just REALLY bothers me now). The only thing that I don't do is make my bed. I don't understand the point. I'm just going to unmake the next time I walk in the room. Are there any other non-bedmakers out there? Or am I the only one?
2. I HATE scary movies. I mean REALLY hate... I'm super jumpy...which is not a good thing when watching scary movies (or opening crescent rolls...I don't do that either...the "pop" startles me too much). When I was growing up, I fell out of my seat and landed in my nachos on the floor when the T-Rex came into the control room in Jurassic Park. When I saw SCREAM for the first time in high school, I sat next to the guy I had a crush on and he got up and moved to another seat because I kept screaming...oops...but I'm a great date for a romantic comedy.;)
3. I take gummy vitamins and I prefer my steak medium rare. A few months ago, I bought some gummy vitamins at the grocery store. A lady there asked me about my children. I lied to her and told her I had a kindergartner. It's kind of true, right? I didn't feel like saying that they were for me and risking the LOOK that would immediately follow my response. And I only eat medium rare steaks at nice restaurants...
4. I have lots of favorites. Here are a few of my favorite things in no particular order:
the color yellow, eating fish and spinach, playing Chopin on the piano, traveling, my GI-normous collection of holiday socks that I never wear, going to Mavs games, eating Ben and Jerry's cake batter ice cream, getting flowers, watching NCIS on Video on Demand, reading books by John Case, and hula hooping. Yes, I love to hula hoop. I was the Kern County Champion in 3rd grade and I still love to hula hoop. Don't judge...
5. Karson and I kiss after every prayer...well almost every prayer. We don't kiss in church.:) My parents did that and my grandparents did that. It's a tradition. In fact, I don't think it ever occurred to me that it wasn't normal until K and I got married. He was a little confused...So if you ever see us smooching after a pre-dinner prayer, you will now know why.
6. I'm VERY accident prone. I seem to attract danger. Sometimes it makes for a good laugh and for a good story and sometimes, IT IS REALLY ANNOYING! If you see a spill, I'm probably to blame. I've been in earthquakes in Alaska, L.A., Bakersfield, and Taiwan ( I was in a nude Hot Springs for this one...ladies only mom, don't worry...fun times...) I started a fire in Home-Ec and knocked my sewing machine onto the floor and broke it. I've been stung by numerous jellyfishes on numerous occasions on numerous islands. Then there was the time that I was face-to-face in a courtroom with a murderer from America's Most Wanted. How exciting...
7. I can't think of anything else.
Now, I have the privilege of passing this award onto 7 friends and fellow bloggers. This is going to be a really hard task!
Here we go...in no particular order.:)
2. Alli
3. Lane
7. Lori
I can't wait to learn 7 new things about you!


  1. this is pure comedy! the sitting in the nachos is what got me! oh my gosh sharon, you could rival seinfeld in stand up! : ) and about the challenge, how could i follow up after something like that?????? i will do my best friend!

  2. You're so cute,love your post! I have the same problem w/cresent rolls :) too funny!

    P.s. I never make my bed either!

  3. Sharon! I love this post! I laughed out loud that you told the cashier you had a kindergartener b/c of the gummy vitamins! Hilarious! I also hate scary movies and I never could imagine you messy. It also surprises me that you don't make your bed. Oh, and I can think of a good #7--you are the BEST KINDER teacher in the world. I wish Addie could have you some day!!!!!!!!!!!