Monday, September 28, 2009

Love at First Sight

I just returned from an amazing weekend in Houston visiting my friend Jenny and her new baby Bekah. It was so good to see her, catch up, and watch her as a mom! In fact, I would definitely say that one of my favorite things about being in my "twenty-somethings" is getting to watch my friends become mothers. So sweet!

I must admit that as excited as I was to see Jenny, I might have been as excited or more to meet Miss Bekah! I flew in late Friday night and was like a little kid waiting for Christmas waiting for her to wake up Saturday morning. I would have definitely snuck in her room to wake her up and play with her had it not been for my better judgement. :) Bekah is the sweetest little girl! She has the most precious laugh and I can already tell that she is going to be very smart (like her mommy:))It was definitely love at first sight!We visited the Farmers' market on Saturday morning. We enjoyed our coffee and croissants.

Bekah loves to give kisses and she loves her mommy...I just thought this was so sweet!

Then, Jenny treated me to the Spa at the Houstonian. My favorite part was the robes! They were the softest thing that has ever touched my skin! It was such a fun and fancy afternoon!
Then, Jenny made carnitas! I can't find the normal picture of us, so this one will have to do! They were so yummy!

Then, off to the chocolate bar for a little piece of heaven. I might have to go "bar-hopping" more often!

Jenny, I had so much fun! You were definitely the hostess with the mostess! And Miss Bekah, Aunt Sharon loves you! I can't wait to make more memories with you!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I've Quit My Job...

...and am now gainfully employed as an ice cream server at Baskin Robbins...:)

Whatcha think about that?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kinder Conversations #3

First of all, I want to apologize that all of my posts lately have been about teaching...I don't really have anything else blogworthy to post.:) So, thanks for reading anyway!

Girl: Mrs. Williams, I have to potty really badly. (We are outside at recess.)
Boy: Can't she just go outside? When my mommy is taking a long time on one potty and my dad is taking a long, LONG time on the other potty, I just go outside. (Yes, if you have children, they ARE sharing these private things with their teacher, classmates, etc.:))
Me: Well...when you are at home with mom and dad it is ok to do that if they say it is ok, BUT at school we always use our toilets inside.
Boy: Hmmm... (thinking really hard) Is that because girls have to sit down when they potty? Like on a toilet?
Me: Well, everybody uses toilets differently...sometimes we sit and sometimes we stand... but we always have to use them at school.
Boy: OH! I remember! Girls have to sit down to use the potty because they don't have that thingie...what's that thingie that I have called???
Me: Uhhh...yes, it is good to sit...well, we better hurry inside:)

This past week, we were talking about dreams, goals, and what we want to be when we grow up. I must say, I have always had several conversations like this with my kids, but none have ever been this entertaining and I have never had so many kids say that they wanted to be an inanimate object...I'm pretty sure I was laughing so hard that I snorted...too bad there weren't any other adults in the room with me to laugh with me.:) And don't worry, we did go back and clarify what some real "job options" are:)

Here are just a few of the responses that I can remember (they were so precious that I wrote them down as soon as the kids went to lunch.) :

Kid #1: a pink smelly marker
Kid #2: a bumblebee
Kid #3: a Coach purse (Now that's a smart girl!)
Kid #4: a mermaid
Kid #5: a spatula
Kid #6: a dog that doesn't bark
Kid #7: a pretty girl like you and my mommy (Now, that is REALLY a smart girl!)
Kid #8: your daddy
Kid #9: I'll have two jobs...a yogurt shop person and a pizza place person. And I'll give you free yogurt if you come to my shop.
Me: Wow! The Teacher gets free yogurt!
Kid #9 : Yes, as long as you pay for it... (Hmmm...)
Kid #10 (my personal favorite): a doctor that helps people's mommy has this thing hanging out of her butt and it hurts her and she had to have surgery and now she has a bruise and has to sit on a pillow.

Have a good week!