Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kinder Conversations #3

First of all, I want to apologize that all of my posts lately have been about teaching...I don't really have anything else blogworthy to post.:) So, thanks for reading anyway!

Girl: Mrs. Williams, I have to potty really badly. (We are outside at recess.)
Boy: Can't she just go outside? When my mommy is taking a long time on one potty and my dad is taking a long, LONG time on the other potty, I just go outside. (Yes, if you have children, they ARE sharing these private things with their teacher, classmates, etc.:))
Me: Well...when you are at home with mom and dad it is ok to do that if they say it is ok, BUT at school we always use our toilets inside.
Boy: Hmmm... (thinking really hard) Is that because girls have to sit down when they potty? Like on a toilet?
Me: Well, everybody uses toilets differently...sometimes we sit and sometimes we stand... but we always have to use them at school.
Boy: OH! I remember! Girls have to sit down to use the potty because they don't have that thingie...what's that thingie that I have called???
Me: Uhhh...yes, it is good to sit...well, we better hurry inside:)

This past week, we were talking about dreams, goals, and what we want to be when we grow up. I must say, I have always had several conversations like this with my kids, but none have ever been this entertaining and I have never had so many kids say that they wanted to be an inanimate object...I'm pretty sure I was laughing so hard that I snorted...too bad there weren't any other adults in the room with me to laugh with me.:) And don't worry, we did go back and clarify what some real "job options" are:)

Here are just a few of the responses that I can remember (they were so precious that I wrote them down as soon as the kids went to lunch.) :

Kid #1: a pink smelly marker
Kid #2: a bumblebee
Kid #3: a Coach purse (Now that's a smart girl!)
Kid #4: a mermaid
Kid #5: a spatula
Kid #6: a dog that doesn't bark
Kid #7: a pretty girl like you and my mommy (Now, that is REALLY a smart girl!)
Kid #8: your daddy
Kid #9: I'll have two jobs...a yogurt shop person and a pizza place person. And I'll give you free yogurt if you come to my shop.
Me: Wow! The Teacher gets free yogurt!
Kid #9 : Yes, as long as you pay for it... (Hmmm...)
Kid #10 (my personal favorite): a doctor that helps people's mommy has this thing hanging out of her butt and it hurts her and she had to have surgery and now she has a bruise and has to sit on a pillow.

Have a good week!


  1. very funny! i got a good laugh out of both of those stories :)

  2. I was laughing so hard Billy had to come see what I was reading!!

  3. I was laughing so hard, I had to read it to Jarod too! I don't think parents have any idea how much their kids tell their teachers. That is one reason why I love teaching the little ones.

  4. Okay, I laughed out loud at these, which I don't do easily!

  5. me too! i was laughing outloud at the last one, that's hilarious! remind me to tell you a funny story about that subject when i see you in just a few weeks! yay! can't wait!

  6. Kiner stories NEVER get old. I almost spit my coffee all over my laptop reading this. I miss you. We really need to have a phone date and catch up! I wish I were going with you to Houston :( Love you!

  7. love them! I hope they still have that innocence next year!!!

  8. Brandon and I are laughing our heads off!!!!