Thursday, November 26, 2009


I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I've included a cute little Kinder conversation for your enjoyment.:)

*****DISCLAIMER: This conversation took place after at least two week of studying Pilgrims and Indians (or Native Americans if you want to be P.C.) and maybe we need a little more education on the subject...:)

Me: OK friends, everybody is going to get to dress up for our feast and you get to decide if you want to be a Native American or a Pilgrim. Raise your hand and let me know what you want to be and we can put your name on the right spot on our graph.

Kid #1: DARTH. VADER! (Ummmm, was he an Indian or a pilgrim???)
Kid #2: A Naked American... (It took me a few seconds to realize that this wasn't meant to be funny...and I was the only one in the room laughing.:) In this kids' defense, "naked" does sound a lot like "Native" and really, how often do you see pictures of Indians who are fully clothed???)

Hope your Thanksgiving gives you as many reasons to be thankful as mine does!

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