Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Office, Easter and the Other Woman

A few weeks ago, I succeeded in talking Karson into remodeling our office. We currently have two offices; one that is supposed to be an office and another that isn't:)... yes, we have way too much stuff:) bright idea was that if we had wall-to-wall cabinets put in, we could move it all to one office. Maybe it says something about me that I am THIS excited about an office, but I am having fun:) Here is Karson painting...

My parents came into town for Easter weekend (Yippee!) and we put them to work:)
Looking so thrilled...
My mom and I spent lots of time in the kitchen cooking. We look pretty rough in this picture, but I had to include our cooking fun:)

We have a Williams' family tradition that Blair Francis from church spends Easter with us. This is the 3rd year that we have done this and we so love our time together. This year, we also invited over Ron and Bonnie Black, a very sweet couple that we have gotten to know through the Greeting Ministry at church. Blair entertained us with his piano skills:)

Our Easter bunch...please excuse the fact that Karson doesn't seem to know where the camera is:) hehe:) Love you honey!

And here is Karson with his other woman:) This is our neighbor Carley and these two absolutely adore each other! She comes over often to help Karson in the yard and she always ends up taking home more flowers than she plants:) So precious!

Happy Spring to everybody!


  1. Your years of talking about Easter lunch is one of the reasons I decided to do my own this year! The picture of Karson and your neighbor is adorable!

  2. Aww, I miss your parents! So good to see pictures of them. And how funny are those pictures of them doing the shelves...they look so excited to be doing that! ha

    I just love your pretty! I can't wait until I can come see it! :)

    How cute about the little neighbor helping him! :) He's going to be such a good daddy!

  3. Yay for remodeling! I can't wait to come see it when it's done! I love the pics of Karson with Carly. That is really precious. Miss you!!