Sunday, June 21, 2015

Home Sweet Home!!!

After our California Adventures, we were so excited to finally make it to Papa and Grandma's house!!!  

Kaden had some special time with Papa and we went to see the helicopter and firetruck at the Monster truck show. 

Some of my dear friends from childhood were in town from the coast and they met with us at Dewar's for some ice cream.  Kimberly and her mom Penney were instant new friends for Kaden and Katherine.  They just loved them! 

Then it was time for some backyard fun...

My mom was so sweet to plan swimming lessons for the kids. 

And my dad was so sweet to teach our kids how to mow...

Mama and Katherine had their first mani/pedi together.:)
And then Katherine had her first haircut...:)

But I guess she still needed Papa's hat...:)

And his shoes...

Kaden took care of watering the yard...

And then he was ready to relax...
When it was time for Karson to fly back to see us, Katherine insisted on sleeping out in the living room to wait for him. So sweet!

A few days after Daddy arrived, we were able to head to the coast for some relaxation.:)

And I'm not sure who enjoyed it, the kids, or the grandparents.:)

We taught Kaden and Katherine how to dip their cookies in milk. Such a huge accomplishment, right?

And then it was time to go...but not before they had one last snuggle with Grandma...

It was sooooooo hard to go...especially at 2 am in the morning...gotta love her sweet bedhead.

We just were incredibly thankful for the opportunity to spend this much time with our family. Can't wait until next time!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

California Adventures

At the very end of May, we packed our car and headed out west. Kaden and Katherine were so excited to see the BIG WATER.  And then when there were TRUCKS on the beach as well, it was just the best day EVER. It was pretty precious. 
We arrived in San Diego Sunday evening, and decided to visit Sea World on Monday.  They were fascinated by the whales and dolphins.

At the end of the day, we watched the Killer Whale show.  Katherine very diligently applied sunscreen...too cute.;)

Later that night, as Daddy was doing some work, we had some pretty sweet snuggles and they were entertaining us with a recap of their day. I'll never forget Kaden talking about the whales splashing him.  He kept saying, "the whales wash me." It is so sweet to see how they view things!

On Tuesday, we visited the San Diego Zoo.  Wow. This zoo is amazing!
And then we traveled to Anaheim to see Mickey Mouse!!!  I asked the kids to show me their "excited to see Mickey Mouse" face.  LOVE these. 
As if seeing Mickey wasn't cool enough, Papa and Grandma drove to meet us.  

It was pretty much a two year old's dream come true...

And then it was time for DISNEYLAND!!!
They were just in awe as we entered Main Street Disney.
We started off the day with Dumbo, which was so fitting since they are obsessed with elephants.:) 

And then a little Mad Tea Party...
And then off to ToonTown!!!

I honestly had no idea how much they would LOVE Disneyland.  And getting to spend it with my mom and dad was just the best ever. 

Eventually, it was time to go home, but we even made memories packing up.:)  Katherine helped us load a little and then they enjoyed a little quality time with Papa and Grandma. 

We just are so thankful for the opportunity to do this!