Monday, December 15, 2014

Thankful for November

November began with a super fun visit from our sweet friends from Arizona, the Bartons, who used to be our neighbors.  We absolutely love them and we were so excited to spend time with  sweet Carley. I remember holding her on my lap and reading her stories when she was little, and now she is just the most amazing young lady!
Even in a not-so-fun doctors appointment, we are still thankful for these two, especially for Kaden's sweetness towards his very DONE sister.:)

This picture just makes us laugh...rough night Katherine?
Katherine and one of her besties Ellie and their coordinating outfits...too cute:)
Fighting over the channel???  Too cute:)
Love this little boy!  He's so helpful carrying my boot camp gear for me...
Katherine is singing...I think...:)
This is what happens when Daddy takes the kids to Costco...I'm always thankful for lunch that I don't have to clean up after.:) 

Karson snapped a few fun pictures at our church camp out. We had to leave early because Katherine threw up, but it was fun while it lasted!!!

Payton was instructing Kaden and Katherine how to do it the right her!

We did it!

We ended November with Thanksgiving with the Williams family.  

This is what happens when mama isn't around.:)

They loved seeing all the animals.  The horses, dogs, and cats, were their favorites.  They both have mastered a pretty realistic neighing sound because of this trip.:)

We ended our time there with Daddy flying with Uncle Korbin.  Kaden and Katherine thought it was pretty cool to wave at them in the ay-pane.:)  

Lots to be thankful for this month!!!

Sweet Kaden, 
You have changed so much this month!!!  You are starting to put words together to make phrases and you are talking so much more than ever before.   "I need mo (more)" and "Whey go (where'd it go?)" are just two of the many things we hear constantly.  You are starting to show an interest in potty training.  I can't believe we are already to this stage!!!  One of our favorite memories is when mama told you to tell her when you needed to go to the bathroom, and you you handed me your dirty diaper while I was cooking dinner! So funny!!!  You are really started to become independent and we just love you so much little guy!!!

Mama and Daddy

Sweet Katherine,
You are also starting to talk so much!!!  You say a lot of the same things as Kaden and you make us laugh so hard with your independence.  You like to pick out what you wear and it is so fun to watch you figure out the world around you.  One of our favorite moments this months was when we were in Seminole for Thanksgiving. Mama thought you were with Grammy and when I got out of the shower, I realized you weren't.  You were standing there with a drink for me and you said "he you go." You must have been waiting for a really long time out there and we just thought that was so sweet.  And it was mama's favorite drink, too.:) We just love you so much!!!

Mama and Daddy