Thursday, July 17, 2014

June FUN!

June was a very busy, but super sweet month for our family.  Karson snapped a few pictures before church one Sunday, and I just love them so much.

And then as we were walking in to church, this happened.  Probably one of the sweetest moments I've ever witnessed.  We were walking in and he grabbed her hand- we'd never met her before. And he held it the whole time.  I don't usually take pictures during church, but I just had to capture this sweetness. He absolutely loved her, and I'm pretty sure it made her day as well.  Oh, I love him so much.:)
And then just a few more fun pictures around the house...

She dressed and all.:)

Fun with Daddy!
Our June ended with so much fun!  My parents flew in after a trip to Europe and Morocco, and my sweet friend Jenny came to visit from San Antonio with her precious kiddos, Bekah and Ben.  We made lots of fun memories!
Hanging with Papa.:)

Cuddles with Grandma.;)
The last weekend in June, we headed to South Padre Island for a family reunion.  We stopped at some fun places along the way.:) 

They absolutely loved the water!  The current was really rough, but they still thought it was great.:)  Katherine is absolutely fearless. She got knocked over by a wave and was covered in sand, and she just laughed and thought it was fantastic.  Kaden loved the water and thought playing in the sand was just the most amazing thing ever.:)