Saturday, December 1, 2012

Getting bigger!

It was AMAZING how much Katherine and Kaden changed over the first few weeks.  They continually impressed us with how tough they were!
Sweet Kaden started off his second week at 3 lbs., 8.4 oz.  On the 19th, he got to get dressed for the first time.  Even the teeny tiny preemie clothes were HUGE on him.:)  He also got his IVs out (I think mommy was just as happy as he was!) and he got to nuzzle for the first time, which is what they call "practice breastfeeding." 
On the 19th, Katherine's umbilical line was removed.  We were SO excited, not just because she was making progress, but because it meant we would soon be able to hold her.  On the 20th, Karson and I were able to do Kangaroo time with Kat for the first time.  It was PURE bliss!  Going ten days without being able to hold her was something we'd never wish on anyone, but it sure made getting to hold her even sweeter!
This picture of Karson and Katherine is one of my favorites.

On the 21st, Kat got to "nuzzle" for the first time.:)

By the 22nd, this little guy was back to his birth weight of 3 lbs. 13 oz.

Look at this sweet boy!!!
And Kat went from being on oxygen...
To having only her feeding tube!!!:)

Look at this precious little girl!

I take no credit (or responsibility) for this next picture...a nurse told me to go get my camera and to take a picture to use as leverage when they are older.:)    Kaden could be a little "explosive" at times and it was a common occurrence that they had to change his whole isolette and not just his bedding.

Here are their 2 week pictures.  I'm not sure Katherine was in the mood to have her picture taken.:)

On the 26th, this little guy started breastfeeding. It was a two week old 30- weeker's version of breastfeeding, but still great progress nonetheless!!!
On the 27th,  my dad flew in from Cali to meet his grandbabies.  Grandpa sure loved it!

On the 28th, Kaden hit the 4 lb. milestone.  Way to go sweet boy!

And Katherine got to wear clothes for the first time.  She wasn't quite big enough to be "allowed" to wear clothes, but the nurses let us try it out and see how she did.  No complaints from this mama.;)

Here is another sweet picture of our baby girl doing Kangaroo time with mama. Katherine's tube feedings were done over a two hour period every three hours, which meant if we ever wanted to hold her, we "had" to hold her for 3 hours. She couldn't be moved during a feeding or for an hour after a feeding, so we spent a lot of time just like this.:)
And then we always had some snuggles with baby boy...

I love it when Katherine yawns,  She opens her mouth SO widely.:)

Our sweet princess
It kind of looks like a smile, doesn't it?
Oh, I could kiss this face all night!!!
Kaden and Katherine,

      You amaze us everyday.  We are SO thankful to be your mommy and daddy.  We pray that you always love God, your family, and your friends.  We pray that you become great friends, who love and support each other.  We pray that you have kind hearts and always put others first.  We love you SO much!!!
                                    Mommy and Daddy