Sunday, November 25, 2012

The first week

Here are a few pictures from the first week. 
Once Kaden was off the ventilator, he was on CPAP for a little while. 
He is such a tough little guy! 
On Friday, September 14th, I got to hold Kaden for the first time.  We did Kangaroo care, which is skin to skin time.  When I see this picture, I still get tears in my eyes.  I remember feeling SO incredibly happy, thankful and very "mom" like.:)

On the 15th, he was taken off CPAP and Daddy got to hold him for the first time.  It was so wonderful to see this sweet little face! After that, we were only allowed to take him out of the incubator once a day, so we definitely looked forward to our kangaroo time each day!
Look at this sweet face!
And all this hair!!!

Kaden holding Daddy's wedding ring.

Over the weekend, the proud grandparents started coming to visit.  This is Grandma (my mom) seeing Kaden for the first time. So sweet!
Kaden got a little bashful...:)
Karson's dad, "Gramps", also got to see Kaden for the first time.  :)

This little guy has always loved to be "sprawled" out.:)

And now for some pictures of little missy.  This is Katherine "sunbathing" with her Billi lights. 
Getting measured...
Since we couldn't hold Katherine to comfort her, we did a LOT of this.  We would lay one hand on her chest and we would use the other to hold her feet.   She would almost always stop crying immediately. 
This picture makes me a little sad, but more than anything is makes me SMILE!!  Kat HATED her Oxygen and she could get it off in just a few seconds.  I love her tenacity and spunkiness.:)
Granny (Karson's mom) also came to visit her sweet grandbabies.

Even though we weren't allowed to hold Kat, we happened to be there one time when they were changing her bed.  The nurse let me be the one to lift her off of her bed.  I was SO excited!!!
Our sweet angel enjoying a break while they changed her CPAP.
Holding Daddy's hand...
Lovin' on our daughter...
Our neonatologist, Dr. Weisoly, whom we LOVED!!!
And finally, our one week pictures (taken a few days late :))... 

We had SO much to  be thankful for during that first week. Their head scans came back clear, which was a huge blessing. Some days there were setbacks, but mostly there was progress.:) We sure are in love with these sweet little ones!