Sunday, March 22, 2009

I left my heart in NYC...

What is the first thing that you do when you get to New York? You guessed it...EAT PIZZA!!! My sweet friend Molly told us to go to this place called Patsy's. It was definitely the best pizza that I have ever had!

We then headed over to Central Park. We hired a Pedicab to take us around, which was actually a whole lot of fun. He told us about all of the movies that had been filmed at each spot in Central Park as well as who lived in all of the nearby buildings.
We then visited the NY Library, Chrysler Building, Radio City Music Hall, and the Rockefeller Center. And then...Karson and I were talking about how funny it would be to see someone that we know in NYC, and within minutes, Karson spotted Vicki, one of our friends from church. How crazy!
We continued to walk through the city and found where film crews were filming a scene for a new action movie called Salt. We were in one of the crowd scenes. Who knows??? Maybe you can see us when the movie comes out!We then headed to the Met. We didn't get very many good pictures of this BEAUTIFUL museum, but this was one of my favorite rooms. We also got to attend a concert by Ren Zhang. He was performing some pieces by Haydn and Chopin on the piano. He was so talented and I do love the piano:)
And then to Wicked, which was so fun! At the end of the show, the actors came out and said that the girl who played the Wicked Witch had her debut that night. She was pretty emotional and that was pretty cool to be there for her debut;)
On Sunday, we went to church with our friends, Ron and Wendy, in Princeton. We visited the campus and it was beautiful.

And then, onto the MOMA!

Recognize these?

And now, finally a picture with both of us. Since Karson is the "camera man", that leaves me as the "poser" in all of the pictures;)

We visited the Statue of Liberty on Monday. I have loved her ever since I was little:)

When we were getting onto the boat, we saw my friend Bethany. She was in club with me at ACU. What are the chances of seeing 2 people that you know in a place like NYC?
We then quickly visited the Financial District, and then went to the Late Show. We took an unintended side trip to Brooklyn and Queens and almost missed it, but we made it just in time. When we got there, they pulled us aside from everyone else and told us that because of our smiles, they were giving us front row seats. I'm sure it was just a ploy, but I'll happily take a compliment and first row seats any day!
I'd like to introduce you to our new friends Mary and Wayne. They are from Alabama. We met them while waiting in line for the Late Show and ended up spending the evening with them. They were so fun! They took us to this great little Italian place called Inoteca. It was one of those places where you can't read anything on the menu (I love places like that!) and the food was amazing!

On Tuesday, we began our morning with the St. Patty's Parade. I've never seen so many plastered people this early in the morning! The parade was fun too. I love anything with bagpipes:)
We visited St. Patrick's Cathedral, which is probably the prettiest church I have seen in the States.Then, we went shopping... SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown, West Village, 5th fun! It was Karson's favorite day!:) I'd like to introduce you to my new friends (from left to right:)) Dolce, Louis, and Gucci:)
The Empire State Building...
We saw Phantom of the Opera that night. It was my favorite! The Phantom's voice gave me chills it was so good! We went to Sardi's for a little "after-show" dessert...Yum!
On Wednesday morning, I wanted to eat Breakfast at Tiffanys...

And then to the Plaza Hotel..."Playing" the Big Piano at FAO Schwartz. I couldn't get Karson to make a fool out of himself with me:)
Grand Central Station...

And then to the Museum of Natural History... I have never seen so many fossils in one place. 85% of the fossils at this museum are authentic. How impressive!

And then, it was time to go home:( We had so much fun. The best part was to be able to spend time with Karson:) Thanks Molly, Jenny, and Wendy for helping us plan our trip!