Friday, November 20, 2015

Weddings and Cowboys!

Kaden and Katherine had the very special privilege of being the ring bearer and flower girl in Kyle and Abby Goodwin's wedding. They were absolutely the sweetest bride and groom and really went out of their way to make Kaden and Katherine feel special.  They dropped by our house before the wedding events started to spend time with them and even play Hi-Ho Cherry-O.
Katherine was invited to the Bridesmaid Brunch and she loved every minute of it!
They did such a great job and were so excited to be a part of the big day. Kaden made everyone giggle with his "wave... put hand in pocket" routine, and Katherine made everyone smile with her adorable flower tossing. And, of course, Karson loved being able to stand beside his cousin Kyle on such an important day.

The next weekend was also a super special weekend! Kaden and Katherine were blessed to be a part of our church's Shawnee Trail Western Day.

They had so much fun seeing what life was like a few centuries ago...

and they really enjoyed coloring...

and petting and riding the animals!