Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh Boy! Oh Girl!

On June 17th, we decided to have a little gender reveal party at our house. We enjoyed a cookout with a few of our friends and had cake to reveal if we would have blue, pink, or both in our future.:) I didn't intentionally plan for it to be on Father's Day, but I think it ended up being the perfect way to celebrate.  I had taken an envelope with our babies' genders inside of it to a local bakery and asked them to make either a pink or blue cake, depending on their genders. 
The top tier was for Baby A and the bottom tier was for Baby B.

 For the first hour, we all ate and enjoyed each other's company...   

 And then everybody voted for their gender prediction...
We took "team" pictures.  This was Team Pink.
 This was Team Blue.  
 And then there was Team Pink AND Blue.

We were so excited to cut into our cakes!!!

 The top tier was BLUE and the Bottom tier was PINK!!!   
It really was just an unbelievably special day for us. We felt so honored to have so many friends and family share our day with us, whether it was in person or over the phone.   We could not feel more blessed and we could not be more excited to meet our SON and DAUGHTER!!! 

Speaking of our sweet boy and girl, here is a little of what they've been up to these past few weeks.  This is at 15 weeks.

 This is all three of us at 16 weeks.
 We had another 4D sono at 17 weeks.  Here is baby boy.
 And here is baby girl.
 Baby girl waved at us.:)

 Here we are at 19 weeks.

 At 21 weeks, we confirmed that the bakery had the cake colors correct. Baby A is definitely all boy.:)
 Baby B is definitely a girl.:)
 We got a good profile shot of our sweet girl.  We are going to have to work on getting our sweet boy in the pictures.  He is facing backwards and his sister is sitting on his head, so he is really hard to photograph.:)  I'm sure we'll make up for it when he arrives.:)
Baby boy is measuring in the 75th percentile and baby girl is measuring in the 15th percentile.  They both seem to be growing and healthy.  We are very thankful and so in love with our sweet little ones.